Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doina Ciobanu it is: Doina Ciobanu's blog THE GOLDEN DIAMONDS is finally appearing on my blog! This girl has real fashion taste and whatever she wears deserves to be on a red carpet. I think she's amazing and in future she'll probably be whom she wants herself to be, but, honestly, I'd like her to become an editor of a famous magazine or a fashion designer + she's very nice, so she's a good person. She likes traveling, so you can often find photos from different trips on her blog... Enjoy the interview with Doina!

When & why did you decide to create your blog?
I created my blog during summer 2010. I did it, because I just felt that I was over-inspired, and I wanted to share my inspiration and thoughts with the others. 

Favorite time of the day to write posts?
It depends on my mood and my free time, but usually that is evening or night, before I go to sleep.

Do you feel yourself like a blog star?
Nooo, obviously not. I am still developing myself, and even if I reach what I want, I still won't think about myself as a 'star'.

Do your friends blog?
No, they don't.

Tell a little bit about yourself.
Well, my name is Doina Ciobanu, I am from Chisinau, Moldova. i am 16, and I am totally in love with fashion and life. In my plans for the future I have to visit every country in the world, but my dream-city is New York.

What languages do you speak and what would you like to learn?
I speak Russian, Romanian, English, French and now I am learning Spanish. I tried to learn German, but I didn't have time to do that. I would really like to learn Japanese, I love that country!

Traveling. Do you think it's important?
My family and I have always loved traveling. I am lucky, because my parents always want us to visit new places, to explore new populations, to try new dishes, and so on. Now that I am in the Fashion Industry, it has become even more important and interesting. Now a trip isn't only about observing people and events, but also meeting them and taking part.

What's the best place you've ever visited?
Paris, and even if there were some disadvatages, I still love this city because of its variety, it's like a more "historical" New York.

Places you'd like to visit?
New York and Tokyo.

Describe the choice of your style.
 It's not my choice, it's what I feel and what comes from my heart. Whatever I wear, I always try to keep that feminisme in my look. It might be surprising for someone, but I really don't feel comfortable while wearing something too sporty or rock, because that makes me not different from a man, but I am a woman, what I think is a fabulous thing!

Where do you see yourself in future?
My life has changed so much that I don't really know yet, we'll live and see.

Have you ever met any bloggers from other countries? 
Not yet, but I hope that it is going to happen soon.

What are the most important things in your life? 
People I love, my home, my dreams and hopes, and my camera :D

Flats or heels?
Heels! That's my permanent choice. Of course I do wear flats in my country, because our roads aren't too good for heels, but my love to heels can't be described or expressed. Even if I am quite tall, 176cm, I love wearing heels. Those high platforms make me feel more confident and comfortable, and I am not talking about the physique feeling, but about the spiritual one. Heels make you look presentable, chic, slimmer and fabulous!

Favorite color?
Black and gold, but for this season I am going to add some bright colors, too.

Have you ever been to Ukraine?
Yes, of course. I have visited Ukraine a lot of times, especially Odessa and Kiev. By the way, Kiev is one of my favorite cities ever! It's been a while since I haven't been there and I would really like to do that soon.

What blogs do you follow yourself?
I do check the Satorialist, stockholm Streetstyle, The Chicmuse, StyleScrapbook, The Blonde Salad, Fashion Toast and Garance Dore.

Your thought on how did your blog become so popular?
I have been asked this question so many times and I really have no idea! It is still not that popular I would like it to be, but thank you.

Any advice for me in my blog cause I'm new in it?
Do it your own way and take nice photos.

P.S. Doina, you are gorgeous!


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