Monday, January 31, 2011

Midnight Couture

Today, guys, you'll meet German besties Jana and Vanessa from MIDNIGHT COUTURE. This duo  is really nice and it inspires me with the photos, songs and news that the girls share with everyone. I don't know what should I say... These girls visit ballet class and that is so cool, because they're probably the only girls, who dance ballet from all my acquaintances. I think that you will like them, because they are awesome! These beautiful girls are very talented and wonderful people. Thank you, thank you, thank you once again! Hope you like the interview!

When and why did you decide to create your blog?
When we both met, we soon realized that we have the same hobbies and one of them was fashion. We always loved to talk about this topic and compared our views, so we decided to share our thoughts with others too and created the blog!

What languages do you speak?
Jana: I know German, English and French. And I’d love to learn Italian.
Vanessa: German is my native language and I also speak English and Spanish. I would like to learn Portuguese.

The best place you've ever visited is/are...
Jana: London (Covent Garden), Marakech (Jardin Majorelle de Yves Saintlaurent) and Paris at night.
Vanessa: London (Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Trafalgar square at a warm summer night) and Berlin (the city I feel home).

What city you'd like to visit?
Jana: NEW YORK! And Tokyo some day.
Vanessa: New York, Copenhagen and Florence.

What hobbies do you have?
Jana: Spending time with my friends, boyfriend and family. Dancing. Traveling.
Vanessa: Everything I can identify myself with.

Why ballet?
Jana: Because Ballet is the base or the origin of all dances. All movements look so simple and easy, but in fact it’s all hard work.
Vanessa: Ask my mother why she put me into a ballet class, but I thank her a lot for doing that. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

What are you doing right now?
Jana: Lying in my bed with my mobile and answering these questions.
Vanessa: Listening to lounge music and working on the interview questions.

For how long do you know each other?
Seems like eternity!

How's Fashion Week?
It's already over, but it was great. Still, last summer was better. Winter is not really THE perfect season for running around in breezy clothes.

The best post on your blog is...
Perhaps the Easter post when we created those bunny ears like the ones of Louis Vuitton and took pictures outside (completely spontaneously!).

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Jana: Fell in love.
Vanessa: Way too embarrassing!

Favorite clothes?
Jana: Dresses, shoes, warm cozy big pullovers
Vanessa: Black well cut blazer, Christian Louboutin pumps, Mulberry Alex bag, YSL ring, black treggings, white shirt. As simple as that.

The best present you've ever received?
Jana: All the jewelry my boyfriend gave to me, my mobile.
Vanessa: My Mom just made me three huge photo albums with ballet pictures. From my first lesson until now - truly amazing!

What are you greatest weaknesses?
Jana: I’m spoiled.
Vanessa: Chocolate!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Jana: Studying in some cool city, hopefully.
Vanessa: Living in a great flat in Berlin and doing something I really want to do.

If I visit Berlin again, what places you'd recommend me to visit?
There is way to much to be seen! Hackescher Markt is a great area, many cool stores. Gendarmenmarkt is such a gorgeous place. Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte! Night clubs like Weekend and in summer Arena (with swimming pool for night swims to cool yourself from dancing all night). For a good and cheap dinner go to Vapiano.

Last items you've added to your wardrobe?
Jana: A grey blazer, a fur vest, silver glitter leggings, long transparent skirt.
Vanessa: Black zipper coat, ACNE-like booties, green silk kimono.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Hang out together, have some coffee at Starbucks, party all night long, go shopping, meet friends, relax, read, listen to our favorite music.

Your thought on how did your blog become popular.
Because we concentrate on pictures that show our special style and looks, we do have texts too, but never too much, so we are providing a good mix of both. But we wouldn't call our blog 'popular'.

Any advice for me in my blog cause I'm new in it?
Always be honest to yourself and keep doing what you want. With passion and love you can reach more and more.

Monday, January 17, 2011


This post is dedicated to another fashion blogger. Her name is Kasia and she is from one of the countries that I really love - Poland. I follow HER BLOG with a big pleasure. I think her style is unbelievable. Sometimes she amazes me with it and I think that she is a talented stylist. I'm sure this sweetie will become famous some day. All in all, enjoy the interview!

Tell a little bit about yourself
My name is Kasia. I'm 21 years old. I live in Silesia - the southern part of Poland. I study German and Swedish at silesian university. I'm a crazy girl, who loves cats, coffee and, of course, her boyfriend :)

When&Why did you decide to create your own blog?
In July 2009, but I actually began doing that in April '10. Why? I wanted to share my style with others :)

What are your hobbies?
I love fashion, animals and I'm a big fan of "x files"!

Do you have any brothers/sisters?
Yes, I have a younger brother Kuba. He's 19.

Do your friends blog?
No, I'm the only one :)

What's your favorite shop/brand?
I love Zara, Topshop, River Island, but I like clothes from another brands, too.

Do you have favorite designer?
No, I like many designers.

What inspires you in your dressing style?
I love fashion blogs from all around the world. I prefer the so-called street fashion than fashion from the runways. So many girls have the great "fashion-imagination" and they are the biggest inspiration for me! But, of course, I'm not a copy of them and I hope that I can be an inspiration to somebody.

What languages do you speak? What languages you'd like to learn?
I speak Polish, German, Swedish and English. I would like to improve my English and maybe learn Russian or Spanish in future.

Do you have any bad habits?
Hmm:) I'm lazy and muddler:D

What places you'd like to visit?

What's your favorite city?

Do you like cooking?
Yes :D But sometimes I have no time for this :(

Favorite food?
Pizza :D

Do you like to read? Fav. book?
I don't like to read :( I know that this isn't nice, but I prefer to watch movies.

Fav. movie?
"x files"

Fav. music artist?
Many artists.

Fav. song?
"Atlantis is calling" by Modern Talking :D It reminds me of one beautiful day :D

If you could bring 3 items to an isolated island, what would they be?
My computer, coffee and ( I don't know:) )

If you could work for a fashion magazine, what would it be?
Vogue, hah :) But for real, I don't know, I hope that in future I'll have a chance to work for some fashion magazine.

Do you have any pets?
I have 2 dogs (Piesek and Chappi) and 2 cats (Lola nad Goguś).

What present you'd like to receive?
Belt Moschino :)

Do you have any dream?
I would be happy to live a long life :) My biggest dream :)

Whom do you want to become in future?
I want to be a fashion stylist, maybe work for a fashion magazine.

Any advice for me in my blog cause I'm new in it?
Patience, Patience and Patience! And good ideas for your outfits :)

Well, thank you very much, Kasia! Good luck in studying the languages!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kristiana Vasarina

I decided to make posts under the heading "Interviews" and so here is my first post on this theme. It is about one of the bloggers, who inspired me to create my own personal blog. She was the first one who answered to my request about the interview and this fashionista's name is KRISTIANA VASARINA. I'm in love with her style and now you are able to check the little interview with her. Find this latvian girl from Luxembourg on her blog.

Tell a little bit about yourself.
I'm a 17 year old Latvian girl who lives in Luxembourg and goes to the European School of Luxembourg.

When&Why did you decide to create your own blog?
I created it almost 2 years ago. I was inspired by other bloggers.

What were the reactions of your family & friends when they discovered that you want to start your own blog? Do they help you?
I don't remember and they sometimes take photos of me.

What are your hobbies?
Sleeping, eating, blogging, shopping. Oh, and being with my boyfriend.

What languages do you speak? What languages would you like to learn?
English and Latvian. I would like to speak fluently French and German.

What's your favorite brand/shop? 
Bik Bok.

Do you have favorite designer?

Whom would you like to become in future?

If you won a lot of money, where would you spend them?
I would buy my boyfriend an Audi R8 and go shopping for myself.

Do you consider yourself pretty?
I have my good and bad days.

Describe your usual day.
I don't have usual days, every day I do things differently.

What's the niceist compliment you've ever got?
I don't remember at the moment, but definitely those original ones, instead of "You're so pretty".

What's the best present you've ever received?
I've received really many good/sweet/thoughtful presents, so I can't say which one is the best.

Do you have any bad habits?
Yeah, lip biting, for example.

What places you'd like to visit?

What's your favorite city?

Do you like to read? Fav. book?
Yes, I do. And I think my favorite book is Glamour by Louise Bagshawe.

Do you like your room?
It's okay, but it could be bigger.

If you could work for a fashion magazine, what would it be?
Vogue or any other big fashion mag.

What make-up products do you use?
Powder and mascara. Sometimes some eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Fav. dessert?
Creme brulee.

Do you like cooking?
No, I'm not good at it.

Would you like to drive in future?
Yes, I'll start my driving courses soon.

What car you'd like to have?
Range Rover. Black, shiny.

What blogs you follow yourself?
Too many.

Your thought on how did your blog become so popular.
I guess many people liked it :P

Any advice for me in my blog cause I'm new in it? 
Post interesting, big photos, have a nice layout.

Thank you for an interview, Kristiana!