Friday, May 25, 2012

Keidy Kelen

The first Ukrainian blogger finally appears on my blog! The name of this fantastic and super stylish girl is Keidy Kelen. You may see her blog by visiting this link. And although now she is living and studying in Poland, she has this great Ukrainian style. Keidy was born in a romantic western city, so her style is full of its magic and romance. I like her looks everytime I see them. They truly inspire me to make some experiments with my outfits.

When&Why did you decide to create your own blog?
I've been thinking about that I want and need to create a blog for a long time, because many people were writing to me and asking why do I still don't have one. So, I've got a friend who keeps his own blog and he has helped me to create my own one and taught me how to deal with it.

Describe your own style.
I wear what I like. There's no certain name for my style.

What's your favorite shop/brand?  
I don't have one. I could buy any kind of clothes in any store, not taking care about its brand. 

If you could work for a fashion magazine, what would it be?
A modern fashion magazine so that it was able to give advice on what would be better to wear or not for certain types of body, looks. It would be great if it was the online magazine first which would then be issued in some time. 

Do you have any brothers/sisters?  
Yes, I have a brother and a sister. They're older than I am.

What are your hobbies?
Photography, fashion, dreams and psychology.

What languages do you speak and what would you like to learn? 
I think I am fluent in my native language first - Ukrainian. Then Russian, English and Polish go.

Favorite color?  
I like all the colors to a greater or lesser extent.

Favorite city?
Ivano-Frankivsk - the city where I was born.

What places you'd like to visit?    
Honestly, I'd like to go for a trip around the world. =) 

Where do you see yourself in future?  
I don't see the future. Everything should be how it is supposed to be.

What are the most important things in your life? 
My family and the health.

What's the best present you've ever received?
The bouquet of flowers, which was made of balloons.

What is your greatest weakness?

What's the last item you've added to your wardrobe?
4 pairs of shoes.

  Do your friends blog?
I have some in VK, but I am not personally acquainted with anyone.

Have you ever met any bloggers from another countries?

Thanks a lot to Keidy for the interview. I could only wish her dreams to come true and develop her wonderful style!