Monday, January 17, 2011


This post is dedicated to another fashion blogger. Her name is Kasia and she is from one of the countries that I really love - Poland. I follow HER BLOG with a big pleasure. I think her style is unbelievable. Sometimes she amazes me with it and I think that she is a talented stylist. I'm sure this sweetie will become famous some day. All in all, enjoy the interview!

Tell a little bit about yourself
My name is Kasia. I'm 21 years old. I live in Silesia - the southern part of Poland. I study German and Swedish at silesian university. I'm a crazy girl, who loves cats, coffee and, of course, her boyfriend :)

When&Why did you decide to create your own blog?
In July 2009, but I actually began doing that in April '10. Why? I wanted to share my style with others :)

What are your hobbies?
I love fashion, animals and I'm a big fan of "x files"!

Do you have any brothers/sisters?
Yes, I have a younger brother Kuba. He's 19.

Do your friends blog?
No, I'm the only one :)

What's your favorite shop/brand?
I love Zara, Topshop, River Island, but I like clothes from another brands, too.

Do you have favorite designer?
No, I like many designers.

What inspires you in your dressing style?
I love fashion blogs from all around the world. I prefer the so-called street fashion than fashion from the runways. So many girls have the great "fashion-imagination" and they are the biggest inspiration for me! But, of course, I'm not a copy of them and I hope that I can be an inspiration to somebody.

What languages do you speak? What languages you'd like to learn?
I speak Polish, German, Swedish and English. I would like to improve my English and maybe learn Russian or Spanish in future.

Do you have any bad habits?
Hmm:) I'm lazy and muddler:D

What places you'd like to visit?

What's your favorite city?

Do you like cooking?
Yes :D But sometimes I have no time for this :(

Favorite food?
Pizza :D

Do you like to read? Fav. book?
I don't like to read :( I know that this isn't nice, but I prefer to watch movies.

Fav. movie?
"x files"

Fav. music artist?
Many artists.

Fav. song?
"Atlantis is calling" by Modern Talking :D It reminds me of one beautiful day :D

If you could bring 3 items to an isolated island, what would they be?
My computer, coffee and ( I don't know:) )

If you could work for a fashion magazine, what would it be?
Vogue, hah :) But for real, I don't know, I hope that in future I'll have a chance to work for some fashion magazine.

Do you have any pets?
I have 2 dogs (Piesek and Chappi) and 2 cats (Lola nad Goguś).

What present you'd like to receive?
Belt Moschino :)

Do you have any dream?
I would be happy to live a long life :) My biggest dream :)

Whom do you want to become in future?
I want to be a fashion stylist, maybe work for a fashion magazine.

Any advice for me in my blog cause I'm new in it?
Patience, Patience and Patience! And good ideas for your outfits :)

Well, thank you very much, Kasia! Good luck in studying the languages!


  1. you're welcome dear*
    I was really hoping you'll like it*